AKW Safety Flooring Weld Rod 1.0m - Anthracite

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Product Details

AKW Safety flooring Weld Rod (1.0m long increments) : Anthracite

Product Overview

PVC vinyl welding rods are used to join Safety Flooring and are available in a range of colours designed to compliment the floor-covering.
The welding rod is made of a solidified adhesive which is melted and fused by means of a hot air welding gun, into a joint that has been grooved into the material.

Features & Benefits

  • Creates a watertight and hygienic seam in the flooring.
  • Range of colours available either to match floor colour or contrasting for an artistic touch.
  • Solidified adhesive in rod application is easily melted into grooves to seal safety flooring.
Cut to order in 1.0m increments

SKU 21893-ANT