AKW Safety Flooring Cement 0.5m x 2m

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Product Details

AKW Safety Flooring Cement 0.5m x 2m

Product Overview

In a wet room installation safety flooring is used to provide a slip resistant surface to create a hygienic and safe environment for a wide range of users.

AKW Safety Flooring provides the same level of slip resistance in both wet or dry conditions, regardless of if the user is in shoes or barefoot.

This has been thoroughly tested in a variety of high-risk conditions.

Features & Benefits

  • Slip resistant even when barefoot.
  • Light reflective value - Range includes plain colours to help you achieve high contrast in care environments.
  • Suitable for dementia users as there are no large speckles in the flooring cause confusion.
  • Watertight, impervious surface - Fully bonded system that liquids cannot penetrate and has nowhere for bacteria to go.
  • Easy to clean, the smooth surface of the flooring limits the build up of lime-scale.
  • Long lasting, provides you with 10 years of guaranteed slip resistant flooring.
  • PVC floor covering with glass fire reinforced polyester cellulose backing which allows it to be used with under floor heating.
  • Phthalate free - plasticisers are based on natural resources.
  • Cut to order in 0.5m increments

Product Specifiaction:

  • Typical Installation: Wet room installations, social housing and care homes
  • Material: PVC
  • Light Reflective Value: 55 (Dementia Friendly)

Safety Flooring is non-returnable, because it is cut to order

SKU 21901-CMT